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The following guided audio mindfulness meditations below are offered for your own personal practice, and are available freely for download or direct streaming from this page.


See below the audio list for more details on the guided practices available.

The guided sessions provided include shorter mindfulness of breath meditations from 5 minutes leading to a longer 20 minute session.


In addition, a guided practice, known as 'Three-Step Breathing Space' meditation is also provided, this provides a step by step exploration of thoughts, feelings and emotions, and our physical sensations.  Two versions are included. For these meditations, it is advisable to start with the longer version first, and then to move to the shorter version. In time, once you are familiar with the steps, it is a practice you can do quickly and in a shorter period of time, wherever you find yourself. 

Lastly, the body scan meditation, is a longer meditation, and recommended for practice as you are laying down, before going to sleep, or first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. This practice is excellent for training the attention, and building deeper body awareness.

As with physical exercise, the benefits of mindfulness will come through regular and repeated practice over time, so feel free to use them regularly until you are able to guide yourself, and increase the length and depth of your practice.

Further guided audios and resources will be added shortly also.

Wishing you well in your practice.

The Being.Inside. Team

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